Good day Zone 2 Juniors and Family.  I just wanting to send out a quick note commenting on some of the successes that I’ve become aware of over this past while.  I’m sure there are many many more and to those that haven’t come to light from other communities, CONGRATULATIONS on your victories and achievements in this very strange year.

Zone 2 juniors are posting some incredible scores and results on the Maple Leaf Golf Tour.  The Maple Golf Tour operates right across Canada and recently two events were held in the Okanagan at Predator and the Okanagan Golf Club.  At Predator, Ryan Vest and Cooper Humphreys won the Bantam and Juvenile categories respectively, while Kyle Mayner finished second in the Junior category.  Ryan sucessfully defended his title from 2019.  Kendra Jones Munk finished third in the Girls 15 – 19 category.  Honourable mentions also go to two of the names that I saw on the results sheet just because of ages are Joshua Laverdiere who finished 3rd in the pee wees in and Maddox Holliday who finished 4th in the girls under 15 division.

At the Okanagan Club Event, Cooper Humphreys once again finished first in Juvenile while Kyle Mayner won the Junior and Overall title with a fine 8 under par result.  Justin Towill and Adam Niles also finished in the top five.  Kendra Jones Munk finished tied for third in the Girls 15 – 19 category.  It’s very encouraging to see the number of our juniors participating and doing so very well on this tour.  Honourable mentions go to I think two of the names that I saw on the results sheet just because of ages are Joshua Laverdiere who finished 3rd in the pee wees in Vernon and Maddox Holliday who finished 4th in the girls under 15 division.

On the Maple Leaf BC  Order of Merit, Cooper Humphreys is in first place in the Juvenile Division, Kyle Mayner is in third place in the Junior Division, Maddox Holiday is in third place in the Girls U15 Division, Kendra Jones Munk is fourth in the Girls 15-19 and Ryan Vest is in 6th place in the Bantam Division.


Ryan Vest – Winner Bantam MGT – Predator Ridge

Cooper Humphreys Winner Juvenile, Predator Ridge & Okanagan Golf Club MGT

Kyle Mayner,, Winner, Junior, MGT Okanagan Golf Club







BC Amateur & Junior

I would like to recognize our current juniors that have made it into this year’s BC Amateur that will be held at the Okanagan Club next week, with the additional restrictions this year it has become a little harder to get a spot at this event. Look forward to seeing you there.

Austin Armanini

Nick Barbosa

Cooper Humphreys

Kristian Isa

Kyle Mayner

Braxton McDonald

Kaeden Miles

Adam Niles

Justin Towill

Ryan Vest

Wishing all of these Juniors an excellent 3 days at The Bear and the 2020 BC Juniors Provincial Champion will be declared out of this event.  Hope I haven’t missed anyone. We have a total of 28 players participating from Zone 2 and the large majority are current and past juniors.

Congratulations to all of you and as mentioned the list of you all participating is very encouraging and lets hope that things get somewhat back to normal for our 2021 Zone 2 Tour. The future looks bright for ZONE 2.  If I’ve missed anyone in my quick snap shot, please accept my apology and know that you really aren’t overlooked.

All the Best for the rest of this season and summer.

Erich Breitkreuz, Junior Chair


As a result of the outbreak of the Covid 19 Pandemic, the order of Via Sport and British Columbia Golf, and the need to enforce social distancing and other practices, it is not practical to conduct golf tournaments as a result there will be no Zone 2 tournaments this year as well as no provincial events this year.  We sincerely regret this decision, however it is in the best interests of the safety of golfers and volunteers.




The Goals of Zone 2 Junior Golf are to:

  1. Promote the sport of golf with junior golfers in the Zone (Thompson Okanagan Region)
  2. Provide an opportunity for our junior golfers to participate in a number of events that feature friendly competition. This group of tournaments is referred to as the Zone 2 Junior Tour
  3. Provide an opportunity to increase the level of skill
  4. Promote golf etiquette on and off the course
  5. Provide an opportunity to have fun, enjoy golf and form lasting friendships as a result

Zone 2 conducts its own Junior Golf Tour from April through June at courses throughout the Thompson Okanagan Region.  The 2020 Junior Tour starts at Osoyoos Golf & Country Club Saturday, April 11th.  Juniors are defined as 18 and younger as of the date of the event they wish to participate in.  Players are divided into three groups, Bantam: 14 and under; Juvenile: 15 & 16; and Junior: 17 & 18.  Events are open to both boys and girls.

In addition to the Junior Tour, the Zone holds the Zone 2 Junior Championship, to be held June 6th and 7th at Gallagher’s Canyon Golf & Country Club.

Many of our juniors who have participated in the tour have received scholarships to Canadian and U.S. colleges.

 Zone 2 Junior Golf Schedule 2020
Date Location Time           Format
Saturday, April 11th Osoyoos G&CC 11:30 AM Shotgun
Sunday, April 12th Nk’Mip GC 12:00 PM Tee Times
Saturday, April 18th Penticton G&CC 12:00 PM Tee Times
Sunday, April 19th Summerland G&CC 12:00 PM Tee Times
Saturday, April 25th Kelowna Springs GC 12:00 PM Tee Times
Sunday, April 26th Vernon G&CC 12:00 PM Tee Times
Saturday, May 2nd Shannon Lake GC 12:00 PM Tee Times
Sunday, May 3rd Kelowna G&CC 12:00 PM Tee Times
Saturday, May 9th Salmon Arm GC 12:00 PM Tee Times
Sunday, May 10th Talking Rock GC 12:00 PM Tee Times
May 16th & 17th No Golf
Saturday, May 23rd Eagle Point Golf Resort 12:00 PM Tee Times
Sunday, May 24th Rivershore Golf Links 12:00 PM Tee Times
May 30th & 31st No Golf
Saturday & Sunday          June 6th & 7th Zone 2 Junior Championship – Gallagher’s Canyon G&CC 12:30 PM Tee Times


Eligibility For Tour: – Boys must have a Handicap factor of 30 or lower; Girls must have a factor of 36 or lower. Juniors must be 18 or younger as of the date of the event they wish to participate in, reside within the zone and be a member of a club in good standing with the British Columbia Golf or a member of British Columbia Golf’s Players Club. To defray zone expenses, there is an annual $40 registration fee. The registration form and appropriate payment must be received prior to playing in the first tournament.  The cost for each tournament is $40.00 and the final Championship is $150.  Maximum field of 64 participants per tournament; first come – first served. Ten spots are held for the top Order of Merit players until registration closes.

To ensure that you are properly registered for the first event at Osoyoos Golf Club, April 11th ensure that you have submitted the ZONE 2 PLAYER REGISTRATION AND CONDUCT FORM and the JUNIOR EVENT ENTRY FORM to Ron Tate before, Monday April 6th.  Both players and parents are required to review, sign and agree to the Junior Code of Conduct in order to participate in the Junior Tour. The same deadline of 5 PM Monday applies to all weekend events thereafter (i.e. Monday at 5 p.m. prior to the tournament). You may also sign up for future tournaments at each event, but they must be paid for, at the time of signing up, and may be paid by cash or cheque. All entries must be paid in advance, by cheque, cash or e-transfer.  Pay Pal Payments will not be accepted. Telephone entries cannot be accepted.


There are three ways to register:

  1. Print the ZONE 2 PLAYER REGISTRATION & CONDUCT FORM AND THE JUNIOR EVENT ENTRY FORM. Fill in each form and mail both forms, and cheque to Ron Tate, 2777 Mountview Drive, Blind Bay, BC V0E 1H1.  Please ensure you are mailing at least 10 days in advance of any event you plan to play in.  If the timeline is less, please email Ron  and let him know what you have mailed so we can ensure that your name is added to that events roster of players.
  2. Print the ZONE 2 PLAYER REGISTRATION AND CONDUCT FORM AND THE JUNIOR EVENT ENTRY FORM.Fill in each form and email both forms.  Then send an e-transfer for your payment to Ron Tate: There is no need to use a password when sending the etransfer as the Zone has registered for automatic deposit.
  3. Fill in the online forms below and send payment via e-transfer to Ron Tate at . There is no need to use a password when sending the etransfer as the Zone has registered for automatic deposit.




Conduct Form

I, The Undersigned,

  • Certify the above information to be true, and
  • In consideration of the granting of this certificate to me, the privileges incidental thereto, agree to abide by the code of conduct by-laws, rules and regulations of the British Columbia Golf (BCG) and,
  • Accept that the BCG:
    • Will exact discipline for any breach of the code of conduct, by-laws, rules and/or regulations
    • Has sole discretion regarding entry into BCG events and selections to provincial, national, or international teams or events, and
    • Will consider any and all of my code of conduct violations when making such decisions, including code of conduct violations that occurred at events hosted by other organizing bodies such as clubs, zones, RCGA, USGA, AJGA, CJGA, WCJGT, IJGA, Junior America’s Cup, or others.
  • Acknowledge and accept that the BCG is not responsible for any injuries, damages, or claims resulting from participation in, or attendance at, a BCG sanctioned event.

I Furthermore Certify that both my Child and I have read and agree to abide by the 2020 Junior Tour/Conduct document found on the Website.


We thank the following sponsors for their support of the 2019 Zone 2 Junior Program:

Golf Town Limited